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Well, what in the world is all that snow out there good for anyways? I’ve heard it’s beneficial for the land, but for most of the country (minus Florida and California), I’m sure we have had our fill. So, what better to do than to enjoy it a bit while it’s still around! 
Make your own SNOW ICEE! 
Gather some fresh snow from outside (need I really mention to not chose yellow snow, or dirty with fallen leaves???)….just choose the top, fresh stuff. We brought in about a gallon container full. 
 Then go ahead and have your toddler sample it for you  :), just to make sure it will work. 
 First we tried adding lemon lime soda. Nathan liked it, but we were looking for a little more…
 A blue, razzing’ raspberry flavored snow drink emerged and was delicious! If you are looking for something “natural”, this won’t be it. Steven made a concentrated version of blue kool-aid to add to our snow. It was delicious. 
Add one packet of kool-aid, and 1 cup sugar to (only) one quart of cold water. Stir well. Add over snow, put in a cool straw, and enjoy!

Don’t be afraid…go get yourself some snow! Try our blend, then maybe even pour over some Cola, or Grenadine…just be creative! Yum is waiting for you! 


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