Online Sewing Lessons coming by Spring 2022!

Private Lessons may become available again by request starting summer 2022. Please reach out and ask! I can be emailed at:

Online Lessons are currently in development and will be released by Spring of 2022. These classes will be able to take you from zero sewing experience to a confident seamstress, helping you advance in skill with confidence, one project at a time. Great for both beginner kids and adults! 

FAQ: (applies to in-person, private lessons)

1.What age of student will you teach and the price? 

~ I will take any age, 5 and up. Both kids and adults welcome. No more than 2 children/adults at a time per session, and you both must make the same project. If child is 5-8, I ask that the adult stay in the room while their child has their lesson. The price will be $35/hr for one person, $50/hr for 2 at a time. 

2.Do you teach both kids and adults?

~ Yes, I love teaching all ages!

3.Can I work on my own project as the lesson? 

~ Yes, but not until your 3rd booked lesson with me. You must make two projects with me from my fun curated list so that I can get a handle on how you learn best, your pace, and learning skill. On lesson 3, you can book me for a project we agree on of your own. 

4.Can I use my own machine to learn on?

~ Yes! Please make sure your machine works and has been serviced before bringing it in for class, and let me know in advance that you’ll bring your own. Machines built before 2000(year) must be professionally serviced first. 

5.How long is each teaching session? Can I book more than 1 hour?

~ Typically each session will last one hour. On your 3rd session, you may book sessions up to 3 hours long. 

6.Where are the classes held? 

   Due to COVID, area public locations have closed. As of January 2022, sessions will be held in my Beavercreek home. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child during their lesson.

7.Are supplies extra?

~ Your first lesson will include a take and make project…yes, in just 1 hour! Your second session will be paid by the hour and materials (thread/fabric, etc) will be extra.

8.When will the Online Sewing Lessons be available?

~ An online platform for sewing classes is currently being built. You’ll be able to take progressive levels of sewing classes (with video instructions) all online with me, and sew at your own pace! With my leveled classes, you’ll learn the right beginner skills in the right order and gain mastery in your craft in no time! Stay tuned for further information. Hopefully they’ll be up Spring of 2022!

9.When will Private Lessons be available? 

~ Hopefully fall of 2022. This Spring my main focus is giving excellence to my boys’ homeschooling, my bridal customers, and finishing my Art Degree online. Please send a request if you’re interested, and I’ll make it a priority add-on for fall. 

Click through to see various projects that my students have made!

Make your own custom colored pillowcase, and even monogram it!
Pillows make a perfect first project for beginner sewers!
Lined Zipper bag
Easy for both kids and adults for a stunning first project!
Stuffed Animal
Make a 2D plushie and have something to squeeze all day!
Bunny Backpack
After session 2, make a super cute bunny backpack!
Scrunchies (and zipper bag)
Style yourself with easy to make hair scrunchies, or make an adorable zipper bag!
Carry All Bags
After project 3, you can make a custom bag big enough for books at the library, or an overnight with friends.
Pajama Pants or Shorts
After your 2nd session, you can choose to make yourself clothing!
Matching Pajama + Doll Sets
After session two, you can start on wearable items you choose!
Custom Costumes
How to use a pattern for the intermediate sewer.
Learn how to follow a pattern and make a versatile bag. For the intermediate sewer.
Crafted Puppet
Mix Crafts and Sewing together to make a custom puppet!