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Every year for the past three, my Mom and I have thrown a Valentine’s Day party for the kids (her grandkids..a.k.a..Amy’s and my kiddos). This year we had it at my Mom’s house. She put me in charge of crafts (no surprise there, right?!!!). I love doing art with the kids, even if it’s a quick project here or there. I thought this paper plate craft would be fun and easy for the littles to do when I saw it on danamadeit. It ended up being so perfect and so much fun!
I quickly drew up some plates:
And let the kids add the glue and the pom poms….

The bigger kids made “stained glass” hearts. They laid a heart shaped piece of card stock on contact paper. Then they laid cut pieces of tissue paper within the heart. Next they covered the top with another piece of contact paper, sealing it together before cutting it out. 
When they hung them in the window….so beautiful and so easy for these big 
nephews of mine to  do! 

Then most of the kids “painted” hearts with toilet paper rolls.. What kid doesn’t just love painting?!!!! This idea was off of Pinterest

After craft time, my Mom played a few games with the kids. Who could stack the most sweethearts as a tower without it falling??? Ben, with 10 high!!! Then, they all played “hot potato” with a box of candy. When the song stopped, whoever was holding the candy box got to eat one! Yum, yum!
 And we ended the party with the oldest cousin reading a delightful book! Thank you, Peter!
And at home the day before Nathan made some simple Valentines. When he was done, he listed off for me who should get each one. I love this kid! 

Happy post-Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope the day was fun and special for all! And thank you, Micah, for joining in our cousin fun! You are a wonderful addition and blessing to our family!

See what kind of fun we had last year!


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