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Today, my sweet niece turns 6 years old. Wow! Where has the time gone already! Because we lived out of state for a few years, I missed some of the adorableness of being around for her baby years. We moved back since she was two and got to really enjoy her even further since! She is such a sweet, sweet girl, so full of life and wonderful stories, and joy. I love playing with her, as there’s no guess work as to what to say when role playing: she gives you all the dialogue. I so wish I had her imagination! What a true joy to have her as my niece and get to spend time with her! Here are some pictures over the years of my sewing journey with her:

 Lilly, age 2: Shirt Dress
A few more homemade’s for the girl….
Hat and Mittens

Lilly, Age 4: Patchwork Dress
In her fifth year, we started the Princess Dress Revolution: 

                                                Lilly, age 5: Prom to Princess Dress

Lilly, age 5: Elsa Ice Dress (PDF Pattern Coming in March!)
Lilly, age 6: Princess Anna (PDF Pattern for purchase)
I love you, my sweet, girl! I just adore sewing for you! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of creating for you! Happy sweet 6 today!!!! 


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