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To be absolutely honest, my husband and I have spent the majority of this year so far conserving everything we have, pinching more than just pennies, and always on the lookout for the next way we can save! A lot of the frugality has come from necessity, but we are finding that we enjoy it for the most part (though I do admit to missing our date night’s at Starbucks : ) )….

A few weeks ago I was getting pretty fed up with trying to reassemble (again) my puffy bath sponge in the shower. These just don’t last forever with daily use. I found myself, loosening the string and trying to just tuck the overflown tulle back into the crimper…I get excited at first, but then it just falls apart again, and again. Well, I don’t really want to repeatedly invest in these things (though they’re often $1-$2), so I started looking for a different solution. And here’s what I found:

I am only a moderate crocheter, but this pattern was sooooo easy and I liked the way it turned out….just the right size and shape to it. Here is the blog I saw it at: Just Make It: Handmade by Annabelle. I used the acrylic yarn I already had, but it turned out much too scratchy to use in the bath. So, while I like it, this one’s going to be used as a bathroom scrubber/cleaner, and another one will be made with the CORRECT yarn: Lion Brand, 50%cotton/50% acrylic. But, I do love it, AND I found out another way to save money….and well, that makes me happy.


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