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I finally brought this project together this week, and am very pleased with it. Steven and I had bought the spice containers at Meijers and Jo Ann Fabrics back in March and we have now put them to good use. The frame was $2.00 at a Goodwill outlet store, and I replaced the glass with a piece of sheet metal (available at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware) that Steven cut down for me. We attached small, strong magnets to the bottom of each canister with JB Weld glue, and drew on the sheet metal with a dry erase marker.
The modern spice rack now is proudly displayed above our Ikea dish rack! I love it! Do you notice the garlic salt, marjoram leaf, and “Air, seasoned with Love” (Steven made this one : )….it was left empty, but it now is filled with a little sugar! I just love him!


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