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Here I am with my friend, Johanna, at her recent baby shower. She is soon to have her 3rd baby boy and I was so excited to make her some cute-as-can-be baby stuff that I dreamed up. All babies deserve to have “special” stuff made just for them, no matter what # of baby you happen to be! So, here’s what she wanted and what I came up with: Johanna wanted a nursing shawl to show all modesty when needing to feed her baby outside of the home. I had seen one before a long time ago, but designed my own version in my art journal and then went to work with what I had. I like my version. (I look forward to making one for myself as well) What do you think? I made it have a removeable plastic tube in the top casing to allow the top to fan out and see the baby in full view while allowing for full privacy. I also lined the front piece and made it all 100% machine washable. Hope you find it useful, Johanna!

And then, my last step is that I placed a clasp (repurposed from a backpack) onto the back fabric strap, so that the shawl could be easily adjusted:

And then, every baby needs their own……..blanket, right? Johanna said the nursery was decorated in baby pastels of blue, green and yellow, and so here’s what came about…….
I cut out a ton of squares (maybe 5″x5″) out of cute baby-boy-to-be fabric I had, and layed them out in a design I liked. (I used the extra squares I had to make baby blocks for our baby)….then…started sewing: I sewed each row of sqaures together and then row to row. Now I’m ready for the backing:

And here is how it looked sewn together. I tacked each corner (not shown) of each square with a small piece of yarn to hold the blanket in place to the backing. I hope you love you new baby stuff, Johanna! We are so excited for your 3rd precious one to come along! (And yes, I ironed the blanket before attaching it to the backing…hee, hee)… And, just in case you didn’t hear the news yet… I am pregnant too! Here is my first 3 month picture…This baby will be our first to come…

And what do I have planned so far to sew for our little one? Well, here’s my list (so far):
  1. sleeper bag
  2. 4 hats – out of knit/jersey fabric
  3. 1-2 pr booties
  4. blanket
  5. 24 cloth diapers (still deciding which pattern to use…any ideas of your favs?)
  6. swaddler wraps x2
  7. boppie with removeable/washable cover
  8. 2 giraffee rattles
  9. sock animals (done…1 bunny made 7.26.10)
  10. winter zippered outfit with hat/mittens
  11. bibs x? (how many do I need)
  12. tag blankie
  13. crib bumper
  14. burp clothes (umm…maybe 4-6?)
  15. diaper bag
  16. diaper changing mat
  17. wet bags x2
  18. fabric baby blocks (done 7.26.10)
  19. 2 receiving blankets
  20. car seat cover
  21. nursing shawl (like the one I made above)

So, Can I do it? Do I need to have all of this? I know I can make it all for sooooo cheap… Any advice, anyone? 6 months to go.. (well, I think)


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