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With some exclusions of holidays, summers, and Uncle Steven coming back home this year, we are going on two years straight of me getting to have 2 of my awesome nephews over for “Art with Aunt Joy.” My amazing sister home-schools all 4 of her children, and while I think she’s great at doing it all, I volunteered some time ago to teach extra art lessons to her oldest boys. I love them, and I love art. It’s been a super fun journey ever since! Here’s a little round-up of some “classes” we’ve done (though I know I didn’t take pictures every class):
:: Watercolor Resist with Leaves ::
:: Coloring on pillowcases with fabric crayons ::
 :: Creating insects & bugs with food ::
:: Contour Drawings of One Another ::
And for a two month set, we worked on learning from & emulating famous painters like Pablo Picasso (self-portraits), Vincent Van Gogh (Starry Night), Andy Warhol (repeating pop art), and this one below is Piet Mondrian:
And last fall we got into some “crafting” type art projects like……..
And Steven even volunteered to have his very 1st “Art with Uncle Steven” in two sessions. Session one he built paper rockets out of card stock with the boys. Second session: we all went out to test them as bottle rockets. So freakin’ fun!!!!
And then I help the kids make Christmas presents for their other family members (one of my favorite things to do with them…. they get to pick what they want to make). Here’s how crafting Christmas 2012 came out:
Peter made: Candles for Mom, a colored pillowcase for H, doll house furniture for L, and a t-shirt for Dad.   Ben made: An art bag for Dad, a wristlet for Mom, clay figures for H, and a PVC microphone stand for L. These boys are talented, let me tell you! In just two years I have seen them grow leaps and bounds in their art and in how they have interpreted the projects we do. I love spending time with them…especially during the dinner and movie that always follows art time at our house. They are a joy in every way. 
I thought sharing all this with you would be just fitting, since we are starting art back up again tomorrow with them. We will be learning about foreshortening and maybe attempting some shrinky-dinks too! Fun! 
Oh, and before you think I’m some super cool Aunt, most of the art ideas I get from Mrs. Brown’s awesome site! I just pick one on their level and go for it! Even if you don’t home school, her site is a fantastic guide to start doing art projects with your children. K-5th grade projects are featured.
Oh, and P.S…. did I tell you I’m starting to draw something every day again in my journal??? I’m so excited!!!! Thinking this will be my year for my drawing/painting skills to be revived…seriously they need some CPR!  Here’s hoping…..or having faith rather!
Happy Art Making, everyone!


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