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I don’t sew much for myself at all, but after making my sister, Anna’s awesome Go Anywhere Bag, I just had to have my own! I really made it a put-all-the-other-projects-aside-for-a-night kind of project. It’s kinda amazing I don’t make time for myself often for sewing, but every night you better believe after the kids are in bed I ritually sit down with some decaf coffee and some fudge mint cookies. Yes, every night. It’s my reward for a day well done 
(or, even not done well at all…more common). 
And hold on to your horses…I actually got out my new tripod camera mount for these pics…wow! Ha! It’s more like the affects of some after church impromptu photo shooting…while my 3 year old scissored leaves off of tree branches nearby (I’m giving the trees “haircuts” he said). 
An ulterior motive in making this bag for myself was 
1. I needed a more girly bag
2. I’ve outgrown my first homemade diaper bag. Even though it was not too
deep, I could NEVER find anything!! My husband had to constantly wait on me to find
those keys that I promise you…I had just placed in there!! Good grief. So here we go. 
As you can see, I made 4 huge pockets inside this one that can hold lots of stuff….diapers and wipes in one, baby tethers in another, wallet and phone in another. So far, it works!!! 
I also enlarged this pattern by cutting it out about 2″ wider on each side of the main panel and pocket pieces, and then 1″ deeper as well. I may have gone a tad on the huge side, but slimmed it out by adding top pleats at the opening and snaps that let me bring it in at the top.
This fun retro circle print is duck canvas from Hobby Lobby. I used leftover grey cotton from making my sister’s bag, and more grey to line it with. I used basic white cotton to line the outer pockets with.
In addition…I added 4 interior pockets to the inside (the Go Anywhere Bag has one, generous pocket pattern piece for the inside). I also changed it up by using two front pockets for both sides of the bag, instead of using the back pocket pattern piece (although that would have been fine too). 
Lots of pockets and so far I already feel more organized. This thing can hold anything! And, it’s “girly”! Check and check! Mission accomplished! I can also bet that this is the ONLY time this bag will actually match my outfit, as I never plan that well ever (and don’t really care that much)! 

I’m loving my new bag. Now to copy the design of a few pieces of favorite clothing I have sitting in my studio right now! And then there’s that fabulous dress I saw on a girl at the market last month. I absolutely stopped her to see how her dress was constructed and several hours later, drew it in my journal. Yes, I must get to that. These are the things I think about all. the. time. 


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