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I hope you enjoyed the change to my new Joy 2 Sew banner above! Isn’t it just beautiful? I look at that painting and find myself longing to go there; to go sit under that tree’s shade, and gaze at the countryside while aloof in a daydream. Yes, a quiet place. A peaceful place.  My brother-in-law, Peter Frederick is a highly talented water colorist! You can even buy his painting pictured above, View From Dry Run Road, HERE or HERE! And to see even more of his gorgeous landscapes, check out more of his fine art HERE. Can you tell I’m VERY impressed and proud of my brother-in-law?!! Yes, I have to show him off a bit! And thank you so much, Amy, for showing me how to change, create & design my new banner!

Since Nathan’s birthday this past Monday, there has been many full days of play indeed around here. He is enamored with all of his new, wonderful and exciting toys! We have played with lots of terrific new kitchen gadgets including a working mixer and blender, kitchen utensils, and cool Melissa & Doug wooden food. Love it all (both him and me!). He will play for hours in that kitchen I tell you! It was well worth the money for us, and we adore all the accessories! 

More hours of fun have been had in exploring a new substance called “Moon Dough.” If your child has never tried it, get some! So much fun! We all had a dough making adventure with this gifted kit: forming doggies, bones, steaks and bowls of food. Give it a try sometime, or just come on over (but totally call first…hee hee)!
Nathan and I were very impressed by a gift given by his Aunt Amy, and we certainly think you will love it too! I mounted it on his wall, and N now has a reason to run into his bedroom to play for once. Upon mounting it to the wall, we discovered that plastic wall anchors (used to secure screws into drywall and plaster) fit perfectly into the peg board holes and are perfect for little hands! The attached bag (with zip ties) holds extra wall anchors and rubber bands very nicely! Amy painted the pegboard, placed machine type screws in the backside of the peg board, then added nuts on the front side to secure the bolts. She added a handy leather handle to the top, and sewed up the perfect little vinyl pouch to hold the extras. We love it! 

Yep, I know that is pretty cool, huh!  I have a pretty awesome and talented sister, I know! : ) 
Maybe you can pay her to make one for you too??!!!!
I love watching Daddy teach Nathan things. I love how they cuddle up together. I love that Steven loves to be with his little man. Here they are exploring N’s new Innotab. Fun! His first tablet PC. I know, we are starting him young! 
 A few more great new toys are filling our space…and filling, and filling. But, we love it! By the way parents, how do you keep all your kid’s toys organized anyway? If you have any secret tips for keeping it all together please do share! Was thinking….cabinet, shelves? Lots of shelves? 
And after N’s birthday, I think a true painter was born. He’s painted every. day….even first thing in the morning. Ahem. Each new masterpiece will undoubtedly get scanned in a “Nathan’s Artwork” file on our external hard drive, spend a few weeks hanging on our art wall, and then move on to be recycled  to make room for new masterpieces. Being artistic ourselves, you better bet S and I are encouraging all artistic expression in our little one. Well, most artistic expressions at least. Ha!

Hope there is lots of art, playing, learning and growing in your homes too! 
Have a very blessed, and certainly CREATIVE day!
and P.S……another HUGE thanks to all of our friends and family for the wonderful
 and thoughtful gifts!
Now lets hear about those toy/art supply organizing tips…please!


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