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Last weekend we were so privileged here in Ohio to have a warm wave of air come through. It was about 62 degrees all weekend, and so I jumped at the opportunity to sneak outside for a bit. A very welcome mini-adventure after just now getting over a weeks worth of sickness. Finally, I say.

This past summer S and I bought a 5’x5′ pop up greenhouse from Menards. We have set it up a few times, but this winter we decided to get serious about it. The original idea was to continue our growing season through the winter with some hope of tomatoes and spinach growing. Well, that never happened. I just didn’t get to it. However, I did manage to make some hypertufa pots (idea from the Lowe’s Creative Ideas free magazine last fall). In lieu of the better late than never greenhouse garden, I just decided to plant some bulbs and simple annuals. So, we shall see.

I cannot tell you just how good and pleasant it felt to put my hands into that warm soil, to get dirty, to see life growing in that little space of ours. A refreshment of spirit. Very happy indeed.

Oh, and those hypertufas… 1. one part portland cement (the bag of this is cheap, $8, but it weighs 
                                               about 100 pounds. Fun getting that one home! Thanks, S!
                                            2. one part vermiculite (or perlite)
                                            3. one part peat moss
                                            4. a little less water than the equal amounts you put in above.
Takes 3 weeks to cure before you can plant in them. After they were dry, I used a cement bit in my drill to make the drainage holes. I like my imperfect one the best….made with bubble wrap.

I’m sure they’ll be more of these to come this spring around here! And warm weather: you are welcome to interrupt my winter anytime!


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