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 Now, when I say recently sewn, I mean over the course of the last two months. But, nonetheless, I’ve spent a lot of time in my sewing room during naptimes and late evenings. But, I’ve enjoyed it all and made some great items! This first project I did in February, when it was still cold here (and not in the 70’s, as it is now). Remember me making Nathan pants and a hat HERE out of this recycled Express sweater? Well, after reading THIS post on MADE, turns out I had enough left over to make a baby sweater for Nathan! I left the “Express” tag in it….haha. When I had felted the sweater last summer, the neckline shrunk to the perfect size for my toddler…so, even easier to make!

 And yes, I did take him out for a bit to show him off in the sweater and matching hat! So fun!

My next project was making jammies for my niece, Lilly, for her birthday (In February). I had bought THIS book in January, and this was only my second project attempted in sewing with knits. My collar should have stretched out a bit more, and I’m not super proud of my sewing job here, but it was a good go at it, I think. The little princess loves her jammies, though, I think.

 And this was my first project from knits out of the same book HERE. The fabric was all from JoAnns.

 And I completed a second pull-up trainer using THIS pattern. The first one leaked overnight, but this second one worked! Yea! I just have to finish making the leg holes a little tighter. This second one may have held more liquid due to me switching up how I made the inner soaker. To make the soaker, I layered one layer of cotton, 2 layers of Zorb material, and one bottom layer of PUL. A bit thick, but it held. So, I may either continue with this method, or switch to trying hemp/cotton blend liners (if I can ever track down this fabric in yardage).

 I just realized that if you aren’t familiar with sewing or cloth diapering, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry about that, but I hope you will read on anyways  : )!

 And then took off of THIS Pinterest idea and made this pillow for a friend’s son. Loved it!!! Click HERE if you want directions on how to make one. This project is perfect for beginning sewers!

 The felt letters come off and pose as a fine motor skill for older kids.

 And when I saw these pants on THIS blog, I absolutely fell head over heals over this pattern! So, what happened? I ended up buying the pattern HERE, and have made two pairs already:

 One as a present (above) (All fabric cotton, from Ikea); and one for Nathan (below) (fabric from Annette Tatum: “Banana Diamond”). This is part of his Easter outfit this year.

 And, lastly (I think),….new bibs made from upcycled garmets using Lotta Jansdotters bib pattern from her book HERE.

I have been busy, as you can see….and with other non-sewing projects as well. And, so, what I’m saying is….. I’d rather be doing the crafts, and the art, and the sewing, and mainly playing with my little boy. So, you may notice a change in my blog posts, as I make my time more about my family, and less about well-planned-out blog posts. I will still try to post all my done crafts, but the posts will just be fewer.
I love you all for reading, and from what you tell me, you enjoy seeing what I create. If I can bless others with giving my projects away as gifts made with love, then I feel I’m using my talents wisely. I know I can’t do it all, or do it well, but I do want to honor the Lord with my talents and my time as best as I can. So, thank you all for reading, and stay tuned once in awhile. There’s bound to be a whole lot more!


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