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My friend, Johanna, told me about this idea a while back to make a pillow with a front pocket to hold a toy.  I loved the idea so much, and ended up creating THIS one, as my first, for a sweet little girl!

Well, guess what? The idea took off, and I had a request for one for a boy. But it needed to be something different. So this is what I came up with.

Same dimentions, same pocket in back to hold a blanket for future sleepovers, and what “toy” did I make to go inside the pocket?……

A drum set.

All the material is from Ikea (that’s my favorite place if you haven’t discovered that yet : ) ). The drum fabric was found upstairs in the kids textiles, the red backing from the marketplace fabric counter, and the blue pocket on front was cut from a pillowcase they sell. The drum is made of a yellow washcloth from Ikea, while the white and blue fleece on top is cut off of Ikea’s throw blankets.
And, I like it very much! Now to do one for Nathan, well…someday : )!


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