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Inspiration above discovered in Amanda Blake Soule’s book, Handmade Home. The purpose of the Family Heart, according to Soule, is to provide a way for a family member to carry the love of their family with them whenever they may be away from home.  The heart even has a pocket for family love notes that can be taken out and re-read, bringing comfort to the family member.
With my husband deployed at this time, I fell absolutely in love with this project! I couldn’t wait to create my own to mail to Steven, as a reflection of our love for one another. I incorporated fabrics that we both associate with special life events,  and from previous crafts we’ve made for our home. 
The Hoover family heart.
3 years ago, Steven attended flight school in Florida and earned his commercial  flight  license.  He had always wanted to fly as a little boy, and his dream finally became a reality. 
Steven and I have done crafts our whole lives. Since we’ve been married, we have both  enjoyed the commonality of doing crafts in our home. Steven enjoys leather and paper craft, and I enjoy sewing and painting. We have a designated art area in our home, and we pretty much live there. 
A scrap from our wedding day…We have been married for 7 years now, and  still thoroughly enjoy and desperately love one another. We are such a compatible couple, and are strained when we have to be apart (like now during his deployment).  I sew quite a lot for our home and for others. For the past 2 years, sewing has been my main hobby. 
Steven has been in the Army since 1983 and has been a sniper, paratrooper, infantry man, and now is a civil affairs specialist. I am so proud of him and all he has accomplished for our country, and for helping other countries try to get back on their feet and thrive once again. 
Our biggest accomplishment, is our precious son, Nathan, born this year. He is a true gift from the Lord, and is an extension of the love that Steven and I have for one another. 
This is the love note that Nathan and I wrote  to place in the heart pocket for Steven. I know Steven will re-read it endlessly while he’s away and treasure it as a gift from home. 
Here is the heart all put together and ready to get placed in Steven’s next care package. I know he’ll love it, and when he brings it home next year, we will look forward to adding to it in the coming years. 


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