Snow Queen Bedroom Door stencil Templates




This Stencil is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may NOT use this stencil to create your own product to sell IN ANY FORM.

This PDF file includes four stencil template pages for you to printout and use for your project. Recreate the same bedroom door in your home that the Snow Queen had! The templates are to be printed at your desired size, and arranged as the image above, from the movie, on your printing surface.

You will need to download a free version of Adobe to read, view and save this file.

Ideas for using this stencil: 1. Print out these four pages. Place each page on an overhead projector, projected onto the wall, and trace design, then paint in. 2.Print pages, cut out each stencil out of clear, plain, stencil film. Cut out stencils with sharp knife. Tap paint within stencil on intended surface. 3. Resize stencils on your computer to desired size on card stock, arrange in door pattern as pictured above, cut out design. Stencil paint within design lines. 4. Cut stencil shapes out of colored (dark and light purple) contact paper and apply to wall. Pictured are two bureaus that customers have made with these stencils.

**This pattern is in no way associated with Disney or any relation to them in any regard. This item is my personal work to create a styled dress to reflect specific princess styling.


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