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I’m pleased to bring you today an Elsa ICE DRESS tutorial from Marci, of Made by Marci! She was one of my AMAZING Elsa pattern testers! I was so impressed by her seamstress skills and train stenciling, that I asked her to share with everyone just how she did it! 
 Marci guide’s you step by step  how to add perfect, glittered snowflakes to your organza dress train! She used her Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out the snowflake, but if you do not have one, you can easily use your x-acto knife to cut out the snowflake. 
Let me introduce you to her!!!…. 
Marci is a mother of two beautiful girls, ages 2 and 4. She works hard at her day job, but enjoys sewing for her girls and doing machine embroidery on the side. She opened her Etsy shop, Made by Marci, in 2011 and is now an authorized seller of Joy2Sew Patterns.
And now she’s working on an Anna Coronation dress of her own design…It’s stunning!!!
Now that you’ve met her, on to the stenciling….
I first cut a snowflake design (I used Joy’s Elsa snowflake) on Contact paper using my Silhouette Cameo. I removed the inner parts of the snowflake, leaving the negative of it on the contact paper.
I then gathered my supplies: Aluminum foil, dimensional glitter fabric paint, extra fine glitter, some Contact paper to transfer the snowflake stencil and toothpicks (not pictured).
 I started with a large snowflake in the middle of the cape. I folded the cape in half 
and put pins in to mark my center.
 I then peeled the back off of some scrap Contact paper and put it over top of the snowflake to transfer all of the detail. If you look closely, you can see the outline of the 
snowflake underneath.
 I then VERY CAREFULLY pulled the backing of the Contact paper off of the snowflake, making sure all small cut out pieces stuck to the Contact paper and not the backing.
I then flipped it over and lined it up with my pins and pushed it down onto my cape fabric.
 Now for the (not so) fun part. It is helpful to have a point tool such as the one pictured. The Contact paper of the snowflake sticks very well to the transfer Contact paper but not so well to organza. VERY CAREFULLY pull back the transfer Contact paper, using the point tool to make sure all pieces pull off and to help pull down while you pull it back.
WARNING: This part is a HUGE pain in the behind!
 When done, you will be left with this:
 On some foil, squirt a bunch of the dimensional glitter paint. I felt like the glitter paint alone didn’t have enough glitter so I added some extra fine glitter and mixed it with a toothpick. You can also sprinkle extra glitter on at the end, but I did it this way to avoid 
having it fall off all over my house.
 Make sure you have foil under the area you are going to paint with the glitter. It will go through the organza and WILL STICK. I used foil so that it would be easier to peel off. With the toothpick, evenly spread the glitter paint over the snowflake. You want it to be a thin layer, but thick enough that there is enough coverage of the glitter.
 When you are done, you will have this pretty little thing:


 At this point you can go back and fill in any areas that look to need more. If you are happy with the coverage, then let it sit to dry. You can always add more later if you need to. I let mine dry overnight. It was still a little tacky in the morning, but was dry enough to remove the stencil. VERY CAREFULLY pull the stencil off. If you have the glitter paint a bit thick in some areas it will want to pull off of the organza too, so make sure to pull slowly and have an x-acto knife handy in case you need to cut anywhere. Also pull the foil off of the back.
And VOILA! You have a beautiful glitter snowflake!
Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us, Marci!
Please stop by and visit her in her shop, Made by Marci!
And download the Elsa Ice Dress pattern HERE! 



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