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Do you have traditions in your home?

A few growing up for me were to help light the Swedish Angel chimes trying not to burn the Cupids, sitting on the couch next to my two sisters,  and listening to my dad reading Luke 2.

My mom would always make a delicious meal with cookies as an evening treat. Then we would open our stockings on Christmas Eve. Some years (when we were on good terms with each other), my 2 sisters and I would all sleep in the same room. We would take turns  peaking out the window to watch dad bring in the hidden presents from the car.

After my husband and I got married, we didn’t really carry any traditions through. But then when we had kids, suddenly it was important to us again. With our boys 6 & 8, we now daily do 4 advent calendars (3 routinely that is) with them and our boys just love it! 


This Advent Calendar is always my boys favorite. Each day you open a window, and put together a mini build.



Jingle is an interactive stuffed dog who barks and sings.  It comes with the reading of two movies online,  book series, and a countdown ornament book. We read the daily snippet, and my boys hang the ornament on the wooden slat tree my husband made. 



 I painted a card stock holder from Hobby Lobby and painted numbers on each drawer.  The clay Christmas tree is courtesy of my 8yr old who said day 25 just looked boring!  I put 2 pieces of candy in for each day. 

Advent3  Advent 5 

What traditions do you love holding onto in your home and what makes them special to you? 

Wishing you a very Merry and peaceful Christmas to you and yours this year! 

Blessings,  Joy


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