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When my boys were little we found joy in watching all the kid movies! The year Big Hero 6 came out, it was an instant hit with my boys! They instantly fell in love! I was at the height of my costume making, having just come off a very successful Frozen movie run, I couldn’t wait to pull off Baymax next.


I knew it needed to be large, round, and very soft, and so I immediately decided fleece was the material of choice. I used my Olaf pattern as a base for Baymax’s tummy, but went even larger in circumference. To obtain that puffy look for Baymax, I attached an inner muslin lining to the outer fleece shirt top, and stuffed polyfill between the layers.


The arms were also double layered to hide Nathan’s real arm on the underside of the puffy arm and fingers. The pants were elastic at the waist, and oversized in length and width at the elastic hemmed edge, to give the look of fullness.


The hat was the trickiest part of the design, as my son was clearly not a fan of having his entire face hidden behind the blacked out eye strip. We compromised, and made a cutout for his face, placing the eye detail right above his forehead, and a snap under his chin to bring the sides together.

What excitement ensued as Nathan felt invincible in his new suit, throwing himself on the ground, rolling around, and giving his brother “medicinal hugs” from a big marshmallow man. Baymax is just so lovable, and Nathan definitely personified that in his play! 



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