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In April 2019, I had the privilege of participating in my first fashion show in a local showcase, Clash Dayton. Since I was in the middle of costuming a musical, I entered a simple sheath dress as my only look. It was a grand event, and I’ve never felt so special getting my own model, full makeup, hair, and professional photos done! 

Fall of 2019, I put in a full line of six costume masterpieces to be showcased in their fall fashion show! I’m pretty giddy about it, but grinded out the work at the same time! 

The first costume of six I created from scratch is Wonder Woman from the 2017 movie. Her look will be 100% constructed of different thicknesses of EVA foam, contact cement, some pleather for the skirt, and zero sewing! 




I started by adjusting my dress form to my model’s size, then wrapping it with plastic wrap and then duct tape. This strategy enabled me to make a pattern for the foam pieces on the bodice. I looked at the movie picture to draw the lines onto the duct tape with a sharpie. I only drew one side, since the opposite side would be a mirror image. I labeled the pieces, and then cut the duct tape shell off the mannequin at the back, and cut up my pattern pieces.  


After the pattern pieces are made, they become the templates for the foam. I purchased about 15 sheets of ⅜” thick EVA foam from hobby lobby. Before I could apply the pattern pieces, I needed a base layer. I went back to my mannequin, and made a solid foam bust form with cups.

I decided my attachment point would be at my model’s side, since there was so much detail in the center back pieces. I cut the foam bust at the side, and did a test run with the foam pieces, using masking tape to adhere each foam pattern piece down. Adjustments definitely needed to be made, but once I had a good fit, I glued each piece onto the under bust form with contact cement.

I prefer contact over glue gun, because the hold is much greater.

As of today, I have the front bust, headpiece, arm band, and arm cuffs fully completed.  Work is still progressing with the back details and leg grieves, with my first fitting next week.

The next look I’ll be starting will be the original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman look. This epic look will no doubt rave the crowds! I can’t wait to show you!

Wonder woman
Wonder Woman


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