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I spent a lot of time making my son’s Blue Jay costume for Halloween so I needed to come up with something for myself quickly. 

After looking in my closet and a quick trip to the thrift store and Walmart I had all I needed to create Jesse from Toy Story.


Supplies Needed:

  • Hat (Thrift Store)
  • Red spray paint  
  • White Shirt (Thrift Store)
  • Jeans  (Old Pair)
  • Red acrylic Paint
  • Belt
  • Cow print fabric 
  • Yellow fabric
  • Thick white ribbon 
  • White rope


I spray painted the hat red. After it dried, I hot glued a wide white ribbon around the top. 

I punched holes around the rim and threaded white rope through the holes.


I matched up the cow print fabric to my jeans and traced the front of each leg. 

I cut out a panel for each leg and then sewed the panels onto the front of my jeans.


I sewed yellow fabric to the top and cuffs of the white shirt.

I used red acrylic paint to add the trim and design to the top and cuffs of the shirt.


I braided my hair and used make up to add freckles to my cheeks. 

This was a quick and simple last minute costume.

Halloween success!

We Trick or Treat in my sister’s neighborhood each year. This year, my sister took all the kids around the neighborhood while my husband and I stayed behind to pass out candy.  I bought Moana for my niece and my little guy wanted to wear his pumpkin costume from last year. 

I had a blast! I loved seeing all the costumes from kids in the neighborhood!  

While my costume took an afternoon, my husband”s costume took weeks. I will have to write an entire post about how he created his HALO suit out of EVA Foam.



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