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Memory Bear

Hearing the Story

One day, my son’s teacher shared that she had lost her only daughter to a disease that took her life as a young adult. We were grief stricken for her. We became a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on. Six months passed and she told me she had some of her daughter’s clothing saved and wondered if I’d be able to turn it into something she could hold onto in her daughters loss. What an honor to be asked to sew something like that. I listened to her talk about all the personality traits, favorites list, and core of who made up her daughter and how her husband and son were affected by her loss. Out of what she shared came a focus on three items that would become of sentimental value.

A Family's Treasure

 For the Mother, I wanted to make a memory bear out of her daughters favorite clothes. I supplemented extra fabric from some of her favorite colors and prints. 

For the father, I made a custom pillow, cut out of his daughter’s t-shirts. 

For the brother, I made a star ornament that he could cherish. As I got to work, I prayed peace and comfort over their family, and asked for wisdom for the Lord’s design on these projects.

Memory Bear

Finished Project

Each special item came together quickly and before long I was able to present my son’s teacher with these three gifts. She cried when she saw each item. I cried too! It was such a memorable time that I will never forget! I consider sewing items like that a true honor! Nathan has since graduated a few years later from his speech classes, but we still see his teacher and love on her still. Deep rooted bonds are never disconnected.

Sewing Process

For the bear pattern, I scoured Pinterest for the perfect looking, adorable bear. I came across the Joy bear and instantly fell in love.

  • Easy to print out.
  • Easy directions to follow.
  • Easy to sew.

I matched up the pattern pieces to the T-shirt pieces that I wanted to incorporate and cut them out. I bought a little green flannel and zebra print at JoAnn Fabrics to compliment the daughter’s style and favorites.

I made sure there were pieces her daughter wore. I made sure he was soft and fluffy and large enough to cuddle on any night she needed to be held close, and I made sure it was a reflection of all their daughter meant to them. 

Click on the image below to be taken to my Memory Bear Pinterest Page to get the pattern I used!


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