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Our oldest turned 8 back in January. I have been so busy sewing that it has taken me awhile to share pictures from the party!

It has been a wild 8 years! As my husband and I were celebrating 6 years of marriage, we  were into our careers  and pretty sure we weren’t going to have kids. We were in one of the hardest seasons of our marriage.  My husband had his deployment overseas canceled, we moved back home to Ohio, and were both without jobs for 4 months. We were struggling more than ever.  Then, in the midst of our sorrow, I was pregnant with  our son. He was my reason to go on and work hard again.  

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8 years later we  celebrate the many joys God has allowed into our life because of our son. He has a wealth of talent, design, thoughtfulness, and wonder! We are so  thankful our story changed when he came into our lives!

We gathered with family to celebrate. Our family braved a January snowstorm to celebrate with us. Maybe they did it because there was warmth, maybe because there was food, but I think most of all because they love our little man so much. My heart is full.

We do birthdays pretty simple over here, and though I thrive on a good Pinterest party hack, the simple but lovely is usually all I have time for.

chalkboard wall

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The decor was simple crete paper, a banner made at home from card stock, a few gold frilly things, and some of my son’s toys set out (aka…art supplies and stuffed doggie friend), well….because…it was a very RAD dog + painting celebration for our special 8yr old!

We had a quiet day of visiting, sharing, opening gifts, excitement, and lots of love. We are so grateful that our family is nearby and all the endless support that they give!


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