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Do  your kids get constant holes in the knees of their jeans?  It happens so often with my kids’ jeans!  Thankfully,  I have found a super easy technique to repair knee holes in jeans. Visible mending provides lasting wear with a trendy look!  You only need a needle, embroidery floss, and a patch!

You can find an iron on patch in the notions section of your local fabric store, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart. Look for a 2in x 3in. rectangle,  denim on one side,fusible shine on the backside. 

*If you don’t have a patch, you can use a spare piece of T-shirt material, fleece, or a cotton fabric.

1.Clean up the knee rip by trimming off any excess threads.

2.Turn the pants inside out.

3.Place patch, shiny side down over the hole. If the hole is larger than the iron on patch, then use additional patches to cover the space.

4. On medium heat, apply iron directly to the back of the patch and hold for 10 seconds.

5.Check the corners of the patch to make sure they have all adhered well. If not, press the iron back over it.

6.Turn jeans right side out again.

7. Thread your needle and start stitching! To make it easier, I rolled the bottom pant leg up, so that I could more readily get to the stitching area at the knee! The smaller the pants, the harder it is to get to this area.

8. Design time!! Start with a running stitch or try a design of your own! For an extra fun look use  Shashiko Design ideas.  

*TIP – Use a disappearing ink fabric pen to draw your design first.

That’s it! Now your jeans can get extended wear and be fashionable too! What is your favorite design?

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