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Introducing my Hans costume from Frozen! I had so much fun designing and creating this costume especially for (and by special request) my 8 year old nephew, Henry. His sister, Lilly, has been my beautiful Elsa model for my Sofia pattern, and then my Elsa dresses. Now it was time (actually long past) for her handsome brother to join in on the Frozen fun! And I could not have been more pleased with the result, or the amazing joy and delight my nephew has been radiating with!! His excitement (and politely asking me for it for 4 months now) fueled my design and desire to sew it up!

Download Hans Jacket Stencil HERE.

One of my favorite things to attempt, is to see a photo and create a tangible design that looks just like it that is wearable. I like the realism, and fortunately that is what the kids want to. They WANT the costume from the movie. They don’t want one off the shelf that is only a “hint” of the idea of the idea of the character, they want all the real details too.
So glad that someone captured a screen shot of the back of Han’s tail coat here, so that I could see the design. Boy was that elaborate, but so fun to draw up! I used felt for the gray part, and hunter green fleece for the detail. I would have used felt for the green part too, except I didn’t find it in the right color…so Olive Green Fleece Fabric – By the Yard(the color was so perfect!).
So, how did I make it? For the jacket, I started with a boys size 7/8 long sleeve t-shirt to get the body sizing/trunk part right. I drew long sleeves, added sleeve caplets which I made up, cut the tailored line to the front, and added tails on the back piece. All the black accent pieces are black felt (I bought a black bottom weight fabric to use instead, but time was not on my side to do all that finishing work…so felt it was). I took a short cut on the undershirt and used a royal blue dress shirt from Calvin Klein Boys’ Big Long Sleeve Sateen Dress Shirt, Dark Blue 10, and made a corduroy vest to go over top of it. The burgundy cravat was just 1/3 yard crushed panne, tied in a square knot. The pants I cut free hand from a boys cargo pair I had bought on clearance at Target last year. I used a strip of blue broadcloth to add the stripe to the sides. I made the pants with a flat front and gathered back waistband, similarly to the pant I made my son HERE, and added two gold shank buttons to the front.
And now…almost the whole Frozen crew is here in my pattern designs!! We had a fun, quick photo shoot before the kids headed to the Frozen themed out party. You can find..
and Hans?…use this vest stencil. The only way I know you want my design here to be a pattern is if you beat down my inbox with requests, so drop me a line if you’d like at:
And some cameos with the “real deal”. I hope cosplay costume patterns are in my future! Oh the fun! Just look at how that Anna vest stencil matches mine? Maybe she used our stencil templates for her vest and cape???!!! We may never know, but they all looked pretty sharp!
Yea!!! So much fun!! Are you ready to get your ANNA, ELSA, or OLAF pattern today?!!!
All our patterns at Joy2Sew are made for advanced beginner sewers. If you have any doubt just check out my shop reviews and see for yourself. All of you using my patterns have absolutely blown me away with the gorgeous dresses and Olafs that you have been creating! You are making true-to-movie costumes that are not only beautiful, but that will stand the test of repeated play, dancing, and singing venues of “Let it Go”.
Keep sending those pictures to me and posting on my Facebook page of all your amazing work!! YOU are why I love doing what I do. YOU making costumes for your kids that they just
love brings me so much joy! Keep it coming, and thank you for choosing Joy2Sew!use 


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