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simple robot pattern
For a while now Nathan has been really into robots. I don’t know why really, but if you have a child or two, you will see their fluctuation in and out of certain loves for things. It’s very cute. I remember him walking around the house just 6 months ago calling them “bots”. And now that he can say “robots” I just smile at what was. Just melts my heart, all those cute words. So, I started looking for robot patterns for my little man (and quick sews at that for this overly busy mama), and came across the Love Bot, from Beverly of ButterBeansChicPeas on Etsy. It’s just darling! I bought the pattern at a shop sale she was having and I’m so glad I did! 
Both boys needed one (of course)! And so there sat a pair on the couch waiting for the boys when they woke up. 
I used all fleece on the green “bot”…remnants from ikea fleece blankets I buy to use as fabric. The “bot” on the right has the same fleece, but for his body I used Robot PUL leftover from my cloth diaper pattern (AVAILABLE HERE). Robot fabric available at JoAnn Fabrics, Babyville PUL collection. 
Since I worked for 18 months as a telemetry tech (EKG monitor) on a med/surg floor when we lived in Florida, I well knew exactly what an EKG should look like on the robots tummy. And because I needed it to be really “real”, I made sure to map out that P, Q, R, S and T wave just right. And if you have no idea what I’m taking about, don’t let it worry you. The fact that your heart beats is the only important thing. 
When the boys woke up, they got to pick out which one they wanted 
(well, Nathan did at least. Little brother got the other one). But, they loved it!!
And I think they are super, duper cute! Beverly’s pattern was so wonderful…well written, easy to understand, a quick sew, and oh, so adorable!!! A true joy to sew! So fun to make something again for Love that joy!


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