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Isn’t that dress perfect?!!! It is exactly like Anna’s Coronation Dress from the movie!! I’m so excited to show you a preview of what’s coming in just a short time!! 
This dress was designed by my friend, Marci. I met Marci during the creation of my Elsa Dress Pattern, and she was greatly influential in helping me to make my Elsa pattern the popular and easy-to-use pattern that you now have available! Marci has two adorable girls and and even a full time job, but she still so faithfully sent me edits, made dresses (during a house move too!!), and emailed me edits. She is a kind, creative and an incredibly talented woman! If you love my patterns, and I know you do… I promise you that you will love Marci’s just as much! And I know you are dying (I mean your daughter is begging you) to make this dress!!!  She also makes and sells Elsa Ice Dresses from my pattern as well…Check it out!!!

The back of the dress overlaps and provides a wearing ease, so you don’t have to fear making the “exact size”. Your girl will easily be able to fit into this dress as she grows throughout the year!
Marci’s pattern includes sizing from 4 years to 12 years, in whole sizes. Her pattern pieces are very easy to print and piece together. They have a gray overlap area that makes it so simple and easy to get right!  
And just look at that gorgeous skirt!!! Marci walks you through creating this gorgeous skirt with 
step-by-step directions on how to do the stenciling (stencil template included), to cutting out the panels. She even does all the math for you!! You just have to draw them out using your
 tape measure and cut! 
And just look how it flows and twirls!!! 
And because I know you want to make one RIGHT NOW,  be watching Marci’s shop for the soon release, and PIN IT to your board!! I’ll be sure to let you know when it goes live!! 
Thank you, Marci, for designing such an amazing pattern!!! I can’t wait for it’s release!!!
Anna Coronation is Coming!!!!!!


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