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Happy Easter 2014 from the Hoover family! Hope you had a blessed day with your family today, as we had. We celebrated at church this morning with a great celebratory service of Jesus’ Resurrection,  and also had fun participating in a few Easter egg hunts this weekend too. 
We took our boys (mainly Nathan) to Ace Hardware for an egg hunt on Saturday:

And then came home and had our own own egg hunt in our back yard. (Thank you Daddy for hiding the eggs!) When we got done, Nathan wanted us to keep hiding the eggs! I guess it’s the 
thrill of the hunt! Perhaps we’ll do it again even tomorrow, but without all the candy  :)!
Today, after church, we went to my sister’s house and had a delightful time with our extended family and so many cousins! Such a house full of love! We ate a delicious meal and all the cousins hunted eggs! Thankful to have snagged just a few photos with our kiddos on this gorgeous Ohio day! 

And what about that Easter sewing? Well, all my ambitions really fell apart. I chose sleep last week over sewing. I had wanted to make my boys bow ties, cord pants, and t-shirts (and myself a dress too), but, the only thing that actually got done was James’ Easter basket- (below), which he really didn’t even need this year. And you know what? It all turned out just fine anyways. My toddler ended up changing into shorts,  my baby ended up needing an outfit change too, and I had a new skirt to wear from Old Navy and a scarf given to me by a loving friend last year (thank you, Sarah!). So, sometimes my expectations are high, but I have learned to be “okay” with not getting it all done. With all the stuff that constantly runs through my head, it never all gets done or made anyways. 
And, it was a very happy Easter after all!
I hope and pray that you all had a wonderful time celebrating and remembering….

He came to pay a debt he didn’t owe.
Because we owe a debt we cannot pay.
Happy Easter to you and your family! 


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