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Two Days Only: FREE Frozen Inspired 
Elsa Coronation Crown Stencil on Joy2Sew Craftsy!!!!
    April 16 and 17, 2014 ONLY. 
I just finished reading this post on about how some parents are paying thousands of dollars for an Elsa dress. Thankfully, anyone who purchases my patterns and makes their own will not have that issue. In my opinion, we have one of the best patterns out there! We have tried to keep the cost low for all of you, so that price does not become an issue in making your princess happy. After reading the article, it started me thinking how great it would be to give everyone who comes to my blog something for free! The Elsa crown is a stencil that has been featured on my blog before, and now we are giving it to you: Elsa Coronation Crown Stencil in my Craftsy Shop for two whole days for FREE (April 16th and 17th ONLY). Don’t forget to check out my newly released pattern of the Frozen inspired Elsa Ice Dress and Elsa Coronation Dress + Cape that is now available HERE and HERE.

Make your own Elsa Crown, like the one above, for your next Frozen Party, or for the Princess in your life! I even have a step by step guide on how to make your very own Elsa Crown HERE.

This stencil is only for FREE in my Craftsy Shop, NOT my Etsy Shop.

To get your very own Elsa Crown stencil click HERE.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers and those of you who are enjoying my patterns! Seeing the beautiful items you create from my patterns and stencils is such a tremendous blessing! 


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