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My Nathan is just over 3 years old right now. We had the absolute joy of getting to move into a house of our own this past fall after James was born. That also meant that Nathan got to have his own room!
Yes, Mommy and Daddy braved sharing a bedroom with him until he was almost 3! Here is what his our/his room used to look like at our last house AT YEAR ONE, and then YEAR TWO
And today: (How awesome that the room was already yellow, so I didn’t need to paint!)
 My sister made the awesome play pegboard for him! He loves it so much! Now if I could only get my 3 year old to leave those rubber bands in that pocket and not on my kitchen cabinet knobs! Ha!
The awesome wall art is by artist, Ben Riddlebarger. My fav is the penguin in the submarine! What  fun pictures to look at and create dreams with! He’s very talented! 
And because Nathan was our firstborn, we had more family photos taken with him (at least so far), so I tried to make a collage for him on his wall. There’s a picture of him on his tummy at 4 months, one of him and Daddy at 3 months before Daddy deployed to Afghanistan, and one of our family together at around the same time. I also adore the personalized ART that I have in the red frame! My best friend and design genius, Johanna, who puts together all of my digital patterns that you adore, now has her own ETSY STORE!!! Check out all of the custom wall art that she has in Pick Your Printables! It’s so easy to download the design you want and have her customize it for you with your child’s name! I just love it as I feel it adds the perfect touch to N’s room! 

 And Johanna also made these adorable blocks for Nathan too! Her blocks are how I chose the color theme for his room! They are safe for baby to play with, but I prefer them on display. They are just so pretty! Personalized blocks are also for sale in her shop! See the ones she also made for James!
Over Nathan’s toddler bed (twin bed in the works with Daddy’s building skills), I hung his Memory Clothing Tree Picture, and then added the scrap fabric banner I made for his 2nd birthday and then had left hung over our fireplace for the next year after that. 
 I hung a simple wall shelf from Lowe’s for beside his bed. I wanted him to have a close area to hold his “juice” (water actually), nightlight bunny, and whatever random toy he decides to bring to bed. And, well, the tree. Yes, half of a Christmas tree we let him keep there because he cried for over an hour after Christmas when we wanted to take it down. So.., not a deal breaker. Steven shortened it, and let him keep it. He loves it. Still.
The bookcase was an item made by my Dad. He had built a set of them after he got back from serving in Vietnam. My mom let me have one and she still has the other. In our last home, I placed it on it’s side and used it for fabric storage. I think it works very well as both functions! 
 And on the wall behind the door is the growth chart that my grandma (Nathan’s great grandma, of course) hand embroidered for him. I can’t express how precious having handmade things from her means to me. And after I hung it, I saw that I need to mark off 37″, for Nathan’s current height. How wonderful! 
And…. I just finished painting my bedroom too! Need to decorate soon and then I’ll show that one off too! 
Just thankful to now have a special place for my little guy! When Nathan walked into his newly decorated room for the first time, he said, “oh wow!” Thanks, son! I put it
I love you, son! 


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