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Waldorf is a type of education that is characterized by creative, hands-on, expressive, and practical types of play. Since having kids, I have enjoyed the influence that the Waldorf way has brought to our teaching and playtime. Wooden blocks, Natural Play Forts, and soon to come silk play scarves, all provide such dynamic and fun ways to learn and play. The idea I had for this clothesline stemmed from this type of play we do(and my 3yr old son loving small things)!
I cut little pants and shirts from my scrap fabric stash. 
The mini clothespins were from JoAnn Fabrics. 
I built this wooden clothesline structure from two pieces of wood from Hobby Lobby:
–1 piece of 36″x2″x1/4″ piece of Basswood cut into 3, 12″ segments (with a hacksaw). (I used 1 segment)
  –1 piece of 1/4″x1/4″x36″ piece of Basswood cut into 5, 7″ segments. (I used 2 segments)
–I drilled holes in each end of the flat piece, sanded the ends of the 1/4″ poles, applied wood glue in the holes, and allowed the clothesline poles to dry overnight.
— I inserted twine through two small holes I previously drilled (1/8″ drill bit) through the top of each pole and tied them pretty taught. 
–Then I painted the poles brown and painted faux grass on the base.
I painted a 99cent decoupage box from Hobby Lobby/JoAnn Fabrics, and added twine handles. I personalized the lid for the birthday boy (Nathan got one too!), and added extra clothes. I hot glued the wash line box to the wooden base. 
I used a large paper clip to form the wash line hanger, and made a clothespin bag with a rectangle piece of felt, whipstitched with purl cotton, and hung with a grommet. 
I cut some whimsical outfits to go on the wash line (just free handed it)!
And also made some scenery to go around the wash line….
I painted purchased wooden spools from JoAnn Fabrics, and filled the Craftwood pots with “lemons” (beads). The silver bucket and wooden wheelbarrow were Mayberry Street items from Hobby Lobby. The ladybugs were LaMode buttons (I snapped the “button part” off the back with some pliers). 
I made the trees out of two layers of green felt, sewed around the edges and stuffed with a bit of fiberfill, before hot gluing into the wooden spools. The apples (cut free hand out of felt) just stick on the tree by themselves because felt on felt is awesome like that! 
And some lemons to make lemonade with…..
It was Mauricio’s 3rd birthday, so by special request, I made him an acoustic guitar to add to his Waldorf Crown to celebrate his special day (Nathan has one too)! These guitar strings really pluck too, thanks to the  invisible thread that I used!
Happy 3rd Birthday Mauricio! You are such a special and amazing kid! Nathan is so thankful for your friendship, and I am thankful for his Mommy’s friendship! We love you!
Enjoy your clothesline!!! 


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