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This past week, our little man turned the big 3. We can hardly believe it. This little guy has brought us endless joy and delight since his birth. He is so full of life, creativity, skill, curiosity, and excitement. Nathan has always known exactly what he wants, and what he doesn’t for that matter. Each year with him just gets richer in love and joy. 
We (mostly Nathan) daily practice art in our house between cutting everything with scissors to drawing “houses” with ink pens and markers, to painting wooden cars and planes. It just seemed natural to theme out Nathan’s birthday this year with a painting theme. And it was just perfect. We took some paint and threw in some food, cake, and a lot of candy to create a delightful party!

And  we are so thankful to all of our friends and family who came! You all so braved the blizzard, cold temps, and bad roads to come celebrate with us, and we are thankful! You all brought us so much joy and friendship! We love you all!

Here are a few sneak peaks into the painting themed party:
(I’ll share more of the how-to soon with you)

Such a fabulous time today with all of you! Happy 3rd Birthday, Nathan!
We love you so incredibly much!


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