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I design almost everything I create in my journal, with only a few exceptions that get executed too quickly to adequately record. I prefer these blank journals from Barnes and Noble. And… I always doodle, draw, scratch in INK PEN, never a pencil. Once in a gray moon some designs get colored in, like this one I drew for my latest 
Princess Anna pattern from Frozen.(available for purchase on my Etsy site!!):
When I get an idea I have to jot it down right away. Sometimes the ideas are for now, sometimes for a much later time, or if I ever get around to it. My journal is like a private “Pinterest board” for me, that not many often see. My journal used to go with me everywhere, until I had kids…and couldn’t fit it in the diaper bag…lol. 
When I am designing a pattern, I make my notes here, so that I always know where they are at (I can be quite messy sometimes…Ahem). 
But, somehow, it all makes sense to me. Well, most of the time anyways. 
And for my latest design in the works RIGHT NOW: Elsa’s ice dress, from the new Disney movie, FROZEN! I hope to release it in full PDF costume pattern form in February this year. 
So, after the designing comes the shopping for the fabric:
And then it gets cut out with my rough-designed, initial pattern pieces: 
Stay tuned to Joy2Sew for updates on Elsa. I’m sure to post bragging rights continuously on my Facebook page. Try “Liking” Joy2Sew and keep tabs on all the crazy stuff I am up to!
Back to the journal….
Other times I doodle some designs in my journal that catch my eye from something, or I think up cool ideas that may never get made, such as my “bathtub tracks” (pictured on the right), or the “toy hospital” that Steven and I designed together. 
Sometimes it’s just a bunch of notes, or to-do lists to cross off. Occasionally it may be a whole page of room design that actually translates into real life into THIS and THIS. That makes me happy when it leaps off the page! 
Mostly, though, they are works in progress, like this one here: 
My pipe dream shelving, inspired by Pinterest. I have a great offer of a backup shelf idea, though, suggested by a good friend, if I can’t find a reasonable deal on those black iron floor flanges! 
And now, for the next page. what will it contain??? I can only hope, be ready, and wait for the next inspiration that the Lord sends my way. What fun always in the works!


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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