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 A bit late, I understand, in posting this, but there were some post-Christmas gifts still being made (and others given up on for now) till most recently. This Christmas bled past the New Year and is still continuing in small amounts with more gifts to still be given out, and a rescheduled family Christmas to attend on the 19th. Christmas is my favorite time of year though, next to Easter, so why not just keep it going???
On the horizon of this past Christmas was a new baby (Oct 27), a fun, new move across town (Nov 23), and more online schooling for Steven. A busy time it truly was for us, so its no real surprise that not much handmade got made or given out this year. A few things I had made, I had pre-planned out and made this past summer. Instead, most of the shopping was done online from home in my pajamas. And, that was still fun. Not cheaper or more thoughtful, but easier. 
As you have seen already, here are a few things 
I stitched up in December:
 and an additional stocking to place under our tree.

  And a few things you haven’t seen yet:
 New snap happy booties! A pair for my boys and a pair for my friends children.
 a few family pillows inspired by an idea I took from Pinterest, and added my own flair. 
(Possible tutorial coming for this one???)
a personalized monkey canvas tote bag for my friend’s baby boy.
and I finally gave Lilly her Sofia dress…just feel bad for waiting so long to give it to her!
And, now for her upcoming birthday, Lilly wants an Anna and Elsa dress. I am more than happy to keep my dress shop open and oblige my beautiful niece!
      my Anna PDF pattern for purchase HERE, and Elsa coming soon!
I enlisted the creativity and talent of a few friends of mine (who also happen to be sisters) to add to my homemade gift giving:

Rebekah, from Bekah Boo crochet artist, made me this completely amazing hat for my friend’s little girl. I emailed her a picture of the one on the left I had seen on Pinterest/Etsy, and she made the one on the right. Simply incredible talent! 

Johanna, my very close friend and business partner, made these super adorable, personalized baby blocks for my friend’s boy. I just adore how she personalized them with the exact theme and colors that I requested! They make such a wonderful keepsake for kids, so I’m so glad she made some for my boys too!!! You can purchase a set for your kids, or to take to your next baby shower HERE!
So, when I can’t do it all (and I often can’t!!), I am thankful for thoughtful gifts from the internet, and friends who have so much creativity and talent that can do the home-making for me! I have such talented friends and family all around me! 
Now, go see what I handmade for Christmas 2012, and Christmas 2011!


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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