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 I don’t know about you, but when I need inspiration and quick design ideas (to copy, of course!), I head straight over to Pinterest. It’s a little too addicting at times, but it’s really helped me a lot to think “outside of the box” when thinking of design and clever storage and organization ideas. A lot of the ideas work out great, especially when I realize that I have the stuff already! 
Even before I started painting, or even before we moved-in (eek!!), I was planning out how I would set up my new sewing/art studio. I use a blank journal to often record all my creative ideas in, and so, here it got planned out….
And then I make a list of #1: what needs to go into this room, and #2: seek out storage/organization ideas on how to corral all that “crafty” stuff that I have (currently overflowing into a few other rooms in the house…Ahem). 
So, I don’t know if you’ve been on my Pinboards lately, but I’ve been pinning like crazy for not just my son’s upcoming PAINTING birthday party on the 25th, but also ideas on how to bring my studio together, now that it is painted already…yay! Here we go: 
for my beginning stash of yarn:

for beside my sewing machines:
(and look… it’s all from Ikea! No wonder I LOVE it!!! and I spy a Lotta Jandotter fabric print right there…)
 for my ribbon and bias tape: (or maybe in mason jars???)

pipes for shelves! Oh yes, I’m so doing this!!! I will just put my new, pink drill to good use! 

And these two encouragements will be sure to hit my inspiration board in there. We all need a little perspective. I need it every day, cause it’s amazing how fast I fall.

 I have also received some stellar gifts for Christmas that have already been debuting in my studio, but you’ll have to wait for the grand reveal to see them when I’m done (or close to it)!
 Happy Pinning and Happy Designing everyone!


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