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 It became my room. My own sewing and art studio space…at least for now. 
Now to make it a space of my very own.
I’ve had my sewing and art stuff crammed in here, looking like this, for the past 6 weeks, or so, since we moved in. I did a few sewing things for Christmas, but it’s really a challenge for me to work when my space looks like this. A mess doesn’t seem to bother me much if I’m in the middle of a project, but I must clean it up when finished. 
This room used to be my friend’s kids’ room. I remember coming over and seeing Camdin playing with his matchbox cars in this room. My friends sure did an excellent job on that blue stripped wall. I really hated to paint over it, cause I really appreciate how challenging that must have been. Stripes are hard to do…especially around a window. Hopefully I can save that wonderful memory by posting those photos here in my space. These memories, and knowing who shared this room before, makes it that much more special to me to make it my own. 
In making it my own, I chose some basic, neutral colors of gray and white. I almost went this direction  with the stripes, but then after a snowstorm here and limited paint, the room ended up just being all gray with a little white. 
So, here are some before pictures:

 A few pictures in progress….

And the finished colors:

And how do you paint a room with a baby and a toddler???? Well, like this….
and this….
…but only for a few minutes. Then you should try to paint the majority of it when they are asleep. Quite serious here :).
I only had to make sure I put the baby down when I changed the outlet, and climbed the ladder to reach the high spots. I also LOVE that I only needed to change out the switch, and that the wiring was up to date….A huge difference from our last place!

My husband came home last week with a gift for me for my new space. It’s so beautiful! I love how the magenta color bounces off the new, gray background!
 Yes, a great new beginning in my new space. I’m loving it so much already! Now, if I can only work on getting it organized (and the rest of my stuff out of the dining room)!!! 


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