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Seen this stuff popping up in every store now, like I have? Seen the movie yet? I had some close friends treat me to a delightful afternoon out last week, as they took me to see the new release of the movie, Frozen, by Disney….And let me tell you….Frozen may be my new Disney fav of all time…why? because a genuine love triumphed at the end instead of a romance. I loved that! So, I must insist that you go see it with your little gal! All the giggles in the theatre even brought a smile to my face! 
 And, after you’ve seen the movie, and have fallen in love with it, you MUST then buy my new pattern, folks! My pattern is the only one out there of its kind to make your little princess a true-to-movie, genuine costume! Buy it! But, if you’re still on the fence let me tell you it’s even ALL digital, and available instantly on my Etsy site! My amazing friend, Johanna, partnered with me on this project and she has produced some quite spectacular graphics for this pattern! We know you’ll love it!
 For even more information and pictures on my pattern, go HERE, and HERE and then
And if you’re still looking for a Sofia the First costume to make, I can help you with that too right here! I get rather giddy seeing all of the beautiful Sofia gowns you’ve been making! One of my awesome testers sent me this amazing picture of “Build-A-Bear Sofia” she made. She reduced the size of my pattern to fit the bear….how amazing is that???!!! I love it! 
And the most crafting I’ve been doing lately is trying on James a few of the things I designed and sewed for him before he was born….
One of the gown/layette I designed for him HERE

And from my cloth diaper pattern (coming soon in 2014): 
Trying out my size 1/2. So far it’s a great fit on baby James. I’m slowly easing back into cloth diapering now after his birth, and after our recent move. And, my, look how cute that tush is!!!!…and those chubby legs!!! Oh my!
Yes, we moved two weeks ago into a simply lovely new home! We are so thrilled! We are still sorting through boxes here, but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at my new sewing room!!! Oh yes, a room ALL TO MYSELF! Now don’t worry…Steven got his own craft room too! Yes, we are truly loving this new space of ours! Very blessed indeed!
And while I am working on one very special, commissioned sewing project for a friend, the new year is already waking up with new projects on the horizon….
By special request…this lovely pink popstar princess costume (not Keira’s) may be next. I see satin, lace, and ribbon. Oh yes. It’s on the drawing board, Miss Devyn! 
And well, since the release of my Anna pattern, I’ve had a few requests for Elsa too (her sister), so we shall see. Lori, one of my brilliant pattern testers, made an Elsa costume that just blew me away, so she may inspire me to get some work done on that one too. But the popstar princess 
for now..definitely yes!


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