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Some new ventures have been occurring these last two weeks. I haven’t had time to blog really, due to the packing, the repairing, the designing, the creating, and the preparing for baby #2 around here. But, time to catch you up on all the things being made, and the amazing things being gifted to me (and the new baby)!!! 
This first project was for my beloved friend’s birthday last week. I have been eyeing this pattern over at Noodlehead for about 6 months, and when her birthday was coming up, I knew I wanted to make her this very purse. It was a great, and fairly quick sew up. The outer gray linen is from JoAnns, the yellow print straps Quilter’s Collection from JoAnns, and the beautiful floral print from Dry Goods Design, an Alexander Henry print (I think). I’m so thankful it turned out well, but even more thankful that Johanna just loved it.  

Johanna made these wonderful gifts for baby James and I am just delighted by them all, and so thrilled to receive them all! Her baby blocks are so adorable, well done, and such an inspiration for me to base his baby room colors off of! You can order your own set from her on my Etsy page! I also love the adorable photo book, tag blankie, and giraffe rattle she made as well! My friends are so very talented!

 Johanna’s sister, Rebecca, also made some awe-inspiring items for my boys! I am just loving the tiny baby hat she knitted with the softest cotton for baby James to wear as a newborn….I can hardly believe he’ll be that small! I quickly asked her to make a matching hat for James’ big brother….and she knitted me the additional two lovely hats at the top! I’m so excited to get to have my boys wear these!!! You can order from Rebecca through Ida Belle Michelle!
One more homemade baby gift I received today, in fact, was from my Grandmother. My Mom brought it by, and it was a special baby blanket just for James, complete with satin binding at the edges! This is a very special gift, as it’s tradition in my family that my Grandma sews a blanket for all her new grandchildren (James will be #11). She made an airplane one for Nathan when he was born too. I didn’t really expect to get one for James, since my Grandma is really struggling with her battle with cancer right now. She’s quite a woman, and quite the Grandma, and Great-Grandma. So precious to me to have things made by her for my boys! 
And just a small gift I put together (at nearly the last minute) for Nathan’s friend’s 3rd birthday…Neriah turned 3 and had a “cooking” themed birthday. So we got her a toy blender, some pots and pans, and made her some oven mitts and dish towels. So easy, but so fun! 
And just a sneak peak into the workings of how Princess Anna is coming out. One complete outfit nearing completion…just needs touch ups and a ton of stenciling. I’m excited for how it’s coming together, but anxious to get as much done before James comes into the world on the 29th. 
Like I said before, there is never a dull moment around here, but life stays very exciting that way. More progress and how-to’s next, I think, on exactly how a pattern comes together….as soon as I can get it together for you : )! Hope you have a truly wonderful weekend! 


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