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I cannot even express adequately how excited I have been to see so many Princess Sofia dresses coming up all around me from some VERY talented seamstresses (AKA…awesome grandmothers and mothers!!!). They have taken my Sofia patterns, made them their own, and have put such incredible and beautiful touches on their creations! I am sooo very impressed! I wanted to showcase just a few of the incredible dresses that some of these women have sent to me recently of their work. 
Introducing Janes’s Princess Sofia for Marissa. What a beautiful job that Jane did for her granddaughter! She used a light lavender satin to match the Sofia shoes she found at the Disney store. She delicately hand sewed the pearl trim on the entire dress with such perfection, made a lovely felt stencil on the skirt, and added a zipper to the back closure (in lieu of the stretch back). This dress looks just like the one on the Sofia the First TV Show! Marissa is so blessed to have such a talented Grandmother! 
Introducing Ann’s Princess Sofia for Lily. This now 3 year old is absolutely adorable and overjoyed to be curtsying in her new Sofia gown! Ann did such a wonderful job of creating this special birthday gift for her little princess in just a short amount of time. I love how she made the skirt so full, and gave it a fantastic and classic Sofia look, even without all the trims and whistles. It’s just beautiful and well-made. I think I’m most impressed that Ann took my original pattern for a size 4/5 and was able to scale it down so easily and well to fit her little princess, even before my 2/3T sized pattern became available! Such an amazing and talented woman! 
Introducing Jill’s Princess Sofia! Look at this incredible debutant version, complete with 6 petaled skirt panels! Jill created this special look for her granddaughter to wear to Disney Junior Live earlier this month. The under tulle was omitted and a hoop skirt instead gave the perfect impact of a full and fun-loving twirl skirt. I love how Jill said hand-stitching the pearl trim on and appliquéing the felt skirt stencil on was “relaxing”! You are an awesome Grandmother! She definitely created the perfect show-stopping Disney show dress! Just remarkable work! 
I received these lovely pictures from Rebecca back in August, and I was so pleased to see this gorgeous gown that she made for her 3 year old! She used a beautiful blue satin, since her local stores did not have a good supply of purples shades. I think this color looks very pretty, and is a fabulous alternative to the purple! Rebecca also hand sewed on the pearl trimmings, and opted to not do the stencil motif on the skirt panels. She also made a glittered bezel accent at the neckline, and did a superb job on the bodice with that glittered sheer! I am highly impressed with her work, and know she made her little girl have a very special birthday! 
Jennifer just completed her daughter’s dress, and so fast too! One day she was emailing me about starting, and the next thing I know she was finished! Her adorable daughter is only 18 months, and so she sized down my 2/3T pattern to fit her little girl! And…she did a stunning job!!! I love the satin she used, the trimmings, and her use of the sheer layers on the skirt and the bodice! Such a talented seamstress and such a blessing to work with! 
AND….definitely head over to SewLoveLe and check out the amazing Sofia dress that Anh-Chi just made for a friend’s little girl, Sophia! It’s a show stopper, I’m telling you! I love how she added long sleeves, a tie back, buttoned back bodice, and that gorgeous sequined purple overtop the pink satin! You must check it out!!!! 
And the first Sofia Show Off’s featured…Lori’s and Mandy’s daughters. See the full post HERE!
I’m so very impressed by all that you wonderful ladies have done with my pattern! Seeing your designs, stylings, and gorgeous dress creations brings me such great joy!!!! It was fun making the pattern and sharing it with you all, but seeing all of your amazing dresses has been an even greater delight! The biggest joy for me is in knowing that you are using the pattern and making a dress out of your heart of love to give to another. And that is just remarkable and something I love being a part of!
You have all been so wonderful to work with! Keep sending those pictures! You make my day! And I’m always here if you still need me….like when you want to make a dozen more! : )
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