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 Apparently I am loving making toddler quilts this summer. This will be my third one. (See #1 HERE, and #2 HERE.) Well, fourth one, actually, if you count the one for our bed.
I guess I’m falling in love with them because they are quick sews, easily and quickly customizable, and do not take that much fabric to make. I am calling this my Whale Of A Time Quilt
Th idea started with my beloved friend, Gina, having her second baby just a few weeks ago. I scoured her Pinterest board for ideas of what to make her precious, new little man. She had a few whale ideas pinned, and that fueled my inspiration. 
Her baby’s room is decorated in shades of blue, khaki and brown, so as I pulled the idea for this quilt together, I tried to stick close to her color scheme. 
I began by sketching out some whale designs on freezer paper. The monkey was a consideration in lieu of whales, but in the end, the whales won out for this project. 
Then I narrowed down which whale shape to use:
Then traced him onto my stencil film and cut him out. 
**If doing one single design, freezer paper is the way to stencil.
If doing multiple copies of the same design, stencil film is the way to go….
well, or screen printing, but that’s really invasive (and a technique I sure am hoping to try someday).
Steven helped me come up with a design concept for the bubbles, and I then cut those out of the stencil film as well:
I chose my colors from my stash of favorite and reliable fabric paints:
(Thank you, Mom & Dad, for getting me more colors for my birthday this year!!!)
And then onto some linen fabric (previously a linen curtain panel) the whales went:
And this is how it looked like once stenciled, backed, and binded at the edges:
Here was my inspiration picture from Pinterest:
Love this fabric. Maybe I can get some someday…or keep making my own : )! I just adore it on the grey background!
Welcome to the world, little man! Love you, Gina & Brian! 


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