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Most posts like this would most likely start out with what “food” is on the table. But, honestly, while I’m a decent cook and we Hoovers like to make exciting and different dishes, this post is what my table looks like today. Well, okay…most days. We have one table in the kitchen that we eat at, and the dining room table that has capabilities to look like THIS, usually just gets toppled with a range of in-progress crafts to finish, Steven’s homework for school, and papers that need filed. Oh, how exciting, I know. No doubt. 

But, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my world a little further today…to see what is all going on…

On the Table #1:
above and below: this is my idea of what a boy’s dollhouse would look like…intended for Nathan and James. It will be a mushroom house, with tiny mushrooms to carry around, felt trees to adorn, wooden mushroom farmers, and of course a wheelbarrow. Hoping I can get to the assembly process soon…cause I think my kid will just love it!!!
On the Table #2:
A pile of cut fabric pieces ready and waiting to be stenciled and sewed for the next baby shower later this month that I get to attend. Yes, I will have to get to this one soon! 
On the Table #3:
My Haines repair manual for my Chrysler Sebring…opened to the page about completing your own oil change. Steven makes it sound r-e-a-l easy, so I’ve been wanting to try it out on my own. Maybe soon.
On the Table #4:
A reliable and awesome pattern purchased. Pattern pieces cut out. Will make an excellent gift for a wonderful soon to be 3 year old late this September. Love that I found this “Airplane” themed fabric last week at Hobby Lobby! He will just love it! ooh…yes, yes!
On the Table #5:
A stack of wall decorations from our bedroom/N’s room, waiting to be packed. I think I’m waiting for some boxes to arrive to commence packing (psst…if you have any boxes, send them my way..please!!!) If you didn’t catch my last post, we are moving in November, so lots to do. Joint Compound has already taken a prominent place in my kitchen, waiting around to fill some more nail holes. 
On the Table #6:
Ahh, yes, the stack of papers to be filed/sorted. Why does this type of pile always grow and never recede? If it disappears or is non-existent in your house, how do you make it go away? 
The creative are generally not that “tidy” anyways, so I often give myself, and Steven, much grace. 
How could we give up that creative flow and resisting stacking our dining room table like this after all? 
Have a hopefully less project-filled day than me! 
Thanks for reading wonderful friends!


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