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8 months now. Feeling more ready-to-go with this new little one…But, still have 7 weeks still to go. Unless God decides differently, James’ birthday will be October 29th!
Feeling like I didn’t save enough of Nathan’s baby clothes… I copied the onesie outfit I had on the left, made a pattern from it, lengthened it, and made the outfit on the right (**with matching hat). Whether the hat will fit at the same time as the outfit is still debatable. : )
 And then I made another. I used a thrifted grey t-shirt for this one, and some leftover turquoise rib knit I had from another project. I stitched it along the bottom gather with turquoise thread and I like how it came out. I loved these little outfits best when N was little, as they made diaper changes a whole lot easier. Hope baby J likes them too. This one needs a star stencil still, don’t you think????
This is the new Disney coming out this November: FROZEN. Princess Anna (girl on the right) will be the main character, I am told. That means to all little girls that she will be the next princess superstar that all moms and grandmas will be looking for a costume for. The question is: Can I really pull off designing and marketing a new pattern in under 7 weeks? Hmm….I’m really wondering that myself too. But, I will remain optimistic and definitely give it my best go and design work. 
Introducing: Princess Anna
…..and her peasant gown. I have designed it already in my art journal, but unsure if I can make it a one-piece costume, instead of 4 separate pieces (there’s a burgundy cape too). Sometimes I struggle with making things simple : ). Ha ha.. Well, that can be a problem, right??? Anyways, lots on the drawing board, and a house to clean, and oh, yeah….some packing to do, cause we’re also moving homes this fall. My life is n-e-v-e-r boring at least!  🙂 


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