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 I recently made two toy bags as gifts for a few August birthdays. These square bags are a quick sew, easy to put together, are lined, and easy to personalize with a monogram, or a favorite themed fabric. I first saw this idea on THIS site, and quickly made one for Nathan. He loves his toy bag, and he carries it on his little arm whenever we go to important places like the doctors, church, or sometime’s even Grandmas. It holds just enough stuff to keep him busy and interested. 

In 2011, I made a whole lot of them as gift bags for Christmas items for my friends. It’s my hope to get to offer you this free pattern one of these days, so that you can make your own as well. 
I just adore that sailboat fabric on the left, purchased last year from a local quilting shop we have (I think), and the dino fabric is from JoAnns. 
 I lined the sailboat bag with (gifted) blue corduroy fabric. The orange lining is a new, cut-up bath towel from Ikea. I have learned that using stiffer fabric for the inside lining makes them stand up much better on their own. The “E” monogram is regular weight cotton backed with fusible interfacing, and the “J” monogram is a felted sweater (leftover from this project): both edge tacked with a zigzag stitch.
 And they make great gift bags, as this one did. 


This past week I turned 34. Funny, it doesn’t really feel any different to me than 33. I guess that is how getting older goes, though, right? How come as kids we always “felt” like it was our birthday on our birthday, and we also “felt” a year older. ???? Maybe I’ll never know. 

Well, the 25th fell on a Sunday, and it was a great day, a very special day. In the morning, my husband surprised me with a lovely pop-up handmade card and a gift of my first official power tool (of my own): a jigsaw. I asked him for it, and he delivered. It’s been a week and I have yet to try it out, but I am excited about it, and am looking forward to developing my skill at it! After church we had a special lunch at my Mom’s with my whole family, and it was great! My Mom is such a good cook, and I enjoyed just being there with everyone. Thank you, also, to my Mom and Amy, who primarily chased Nathan around the whole time so that I could rest inside in the air conditioned : )! (Not so comfortable now being 8mos pregnant!!!)
Throughout the week I also received some very special gifts from some of my friends, enjoyed a few luncheons, and received some great encouragements and a whole lot of love! Thank you, Johanna, for the gift of my fun and creative blog banner (at top). It is fabulous and suits me very well! I am so abundantly blessed to have such loving friends and family all around me! You all have enriched my life and brought so much value into my life and my world. I love you. Thank you for making me feel so loved and so special, especially on my day of turning 34. 
So, if you are older than me: I’m on my way to your age next year.
If you are younger than me: realize that turning “_” next year is really not that scary after all. 
Have a great weekend! 


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