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All in all, our summer around here has been pretty quiet. I know I’ve been keeping busy with projects and sewing and patterns….But, we mostly took time during our days to just play. 
Nathan and his cousins made dirt pies on the front porch:
Painted with mud on the fence, watered, and mowed together in our back yard:
Played out front with chalk (and more mud), and even made some new neighbor friends:
Though I didn’t get any Art with Aunt Joy in this summer as I had hoped to, we still once in a while got to practice a little art indoors, in smaller ways:
And even have done a small amount of harvesting in the still trying-to-grow garden out back:
We have eaten large amounts of salad mix and kale…. and still don’t know what to do with it all, picked and pickled about 7 decent sized cucumbers, ate our share of snap peas, and are still waiting for the corn to finish and tomatoes to ripen. And, well, the honeydew is spreading, and teasing us whether it will still produce any fruit. We will see I guess. 

Not too bad of a garden experience for us this year. Some things worked and some things didn’t. But, I guess we always get to try again next year in a new way. Now to get those garden 2013 notes written up before I forget….

The most fun part of my summer garden was watching Steven growing his concord grapes, harvesting them last week, and watching him make his first official pint of grape preserves. So yum! Maybe next year there will be more! I hope so!

It’s been a great summer. A relaxing one (mostly), as this now very pregnant Mommy needed. We have been so blessed by family, friends and neighbors, and have new miracles coming our way. It’s been an amazing journey, and we are so thankful to the Lord for all these outpouring blessings He’s brought (and is still bringing) our way. Some things are just too much to put into words.

Happy summer to you!


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