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 I was geared up for a two day project. I cut out three layers of fabric (well, two fabric and one batting layer) the week before. The top linen was from a curtain panel, and the back was red flannel I bought at JoAnns. I cut my stencil on day one from looking at my inspiration picture from this book I had talked about (scroll down). I started to paint/stencil that next evening.
The top stenciling went really quickly. I had a design that I really loved. Steven said it reminded him of something from IKEA. Then, I loved it even more. 
But, then the project sat, unexpectedly, for about a week, until I could decide on which of these two fabrics to use as the trim(binding) along the edge:
 (the blue stripe is from my sister’s fabric stash, and the red peacock print a curtain I picked up at a coffee-shop garage sale this summer)…I just couldn’t decide. 

My final decision came down to: keeping the vintage feel with the blue stripe. I tend to stay with what’s safe…like matching colors…red with red, etc..  After I made my own bias tape with the blue stripe and sewed it on I had second thoughts about whether it looked okay for a few more days.  

 Steven then had the bright idea that I should tack it down with a matching color as the binding. Brilliant! It took me two trips to JoAnn’s to come home with the right shade of purl cotton to match that blue stripe. It was worth it, though (and S’s creative intuition was right)…all these trials and changing my mind and things, because….finally….I’m pleased with the end result. 
It fits me. I love modern. I love vintage. It’s a perfect mix of both….
even if it still kind of reminds me of Peppermint Candies. Ahem. 

 And while this project was initially started for our new baby, I think Nathan’s bed will be sporting this new quilt this winter, looking a little something like this. I have one in mind, and sketched out for just N, but it involves some chevron print, and a customized plane stencil…so I’m still working on it in my head and in my sketchbook.

So, HOORAY for quilt #3 done this year. Wow! I don’t even quilt. Well, perhaps I do now….by my style anyways. Missed the first two? Check them out HEREHERE
One more to come too! And some cute new creations for our coming little guy too! 


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