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 Last week, on a day Steven was off from work, and the Ohio weather was more than perfect outside, we headed out to a local, historical park to have lunch and some fun together. I could have stayed there all day. It was just beautiful. I packed a lunch in our homemade picnic basket ensemble and brought along a frisbee… Steven brought his radio controlled aerial bird….And N brought his mower 
….of course. 

 We made a stop inside (pretty quick with a toddler) for a look around their memorial museum about the Wright Brothers and the advancements made in flight over the years. This museum is part of our areas “Aviation Heritage Trail”. If you hit up all the historical spots around our town, and get your booklet “stamped” at each site, they will give you/mail you a Wil-Bear (Wilbur Wright = aeronautical stuffed teddy bear) at the end of your historical journey. We did it last year, received two bears, learned a LOT, and we had a blast doing it together…a terrific family or homeschool activity if you live nearby. 
We then headed to their large outdoor monument and picnic area and found a serene spot. Nathan just gets giddy over getting to eat his lunch on a picnic blanket outside. He jumped on it, asked us to take his shoes off, and he dug right into his food : ). We all took turns throwing the frisbee around, especially Nathan who thought it was hilarious to throw it back and fourth with Daddy….or throw it PAST Daddy. Ahem. N and I enjoyed watching Steven fly his Avitron RC bird in the clearing until its batteries died. Nathan may have gotten the most enjoyment from just getting to roam around in the open area, and throw found walnuts around. Life really is about many of the simple things. We all just enjoyed being together… and being in the freedom of God’s breathtaking creation. 

Glad and thankful we could grab a few family photos while there, too, thanks to the timer setting on my Fujifilm. I love how they turned out! They really capture how much fun we had that day!
Hope you and your family get some special moments to spend together just enjoying one another too. It’s certainly been a wonderful summer for us all so far! And we pray the same for you! 
Have a blessed day!


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