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 The days are getting closer to this new baby coming. I have about two months to go still. Some days the time feels so close, while others days it feels an eternity away until I’m due. I am not working this time, as I was when I was pregnant with Nathan. I worked part time then at Barnes & Noble (A book seller…ha! I don’t even enjoy reading….but the place was awesome to work at), and I remember “carrying” around my belly the last two months with my hands. I feel the same way now. Excited, nervous, heavy : ), yet still relaxed somehow knowing this is baby boy #2. Now if only we could decide on a name! 
 The day of my ultrasound when we found out that he OR she was definitely a “he” again! 
And an update on my (irregular) pregnancy tracking:

 Yes, I pretty much look like I’m growing a watermelon now, right out in front. It’s a joy to feel the baby move, but I wonder exactly how much bigger I can still grow out in the next two months…that is a little scary for me : ). Ahem. 
 Nathan has been keeping busy with me upstairs in my sewing area…learning to cut FABRIC for the first time….look out! I enjoy it when he can sit at my feet and keep those little hands busy while I put some finishing touches on my Sofia costume pattern! I already have two antique sewing machines in the waiting for when our little guy is ready to start his own little sewing studio…I can only hope.. : )! Steven sews very well, too, you know!!! He has sewn complete racing jackets and other clothing, although he would say he prefers his leather work, clocks, models, and pocket watches. 
This retro-modern quilt is in the works by me right now for baby #2. I finally cut out the quilt layers, and am cutting out the stencil right now, in fact. 
And…ta da!!! My second pattern is right at the completion stage, awaiting final touches for a soon posting to my ETSY store, and everywhere else I can possibly promote it! Oh, my little model, Emma, is just too cute! She just loves her new little Sofia dress! I couldn’t be more excited to share a simplified pattern for you to make your own little girl a less expensive, and less involved….and more wearable….costume dress of their favorite little princess! Stay tuned! There will definitely be more! 


Joy2Sew is a sewing business specializing in bridal alterations, custom costume creations, sewing lessons, and pdf patterns for children's costumes.

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