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 This last week has been filled with mostly normal Mommy stuff….You know the stuff that happens with your family that is so cherished and fun, and yet escapes you if you don’t take the time to enjoy it? Well, I took that time, and lots got done, except the blog, that is. Thanks for hanging in there with me! 
I made sugar cookies for the first time with Nathan this week. In the morning he helped me pour in the ingredients and mix up the batter to put in the fridge. After nap, we finished the cookies together. I was amazed at how he enjoyed the whole process….especially the finger licking and cookie decorating! He was jumping up and down when his cookies came out of the oven! He is such a precious boy, that he even brought the first samples out and gave them to Mommy and Daddy… We just love this kid!
 Nathan just loves to draw and color (and now cut with scissors!!! I’d worry, but he’s quite good at it). During one nap time this past week, I created an art book for him to carry with him when we go places. It has little pockets to hold some twistable crayons, ink pens, and two pockets to carry extra items like erasers, and paper scraps. In the middle I made a pocket to hold a small, flip notebook that he can color in. He was super excited to try it out the next day, and I think this project will be able to grow with him quite well. 

 Nathan usually hasn’t had a real interest in any stuffed animal since birth, but these last two weeks he has seemed to grow quite attached to his big doggie from Ikea. It’s a cute toy, but the other day he asked me for a bone to give his dog (in so many baby-talk language). After he went to bed, I just made a simple, two piece bone, out of some white linen I had left over. He loved it! Now he carries that dog, and bone, around everywhere…seriously, everywhere! It’s so exciting to make him things he asks for. I think this is the start of many Mommy-requested projects no doubt!
And this Thursday I had the privilege of receiving 3 large boxes of farm fresh, tree picked peaches from my friends parent’s farm. Oh my, I am in love! Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day in the kitchen cutting, coring, peeling, and canning Peach Jam, Peach Preserves, and Peach Butter. I’m not sure, though, if I ate more peach peels or canned more peaches. Ahem.  So far, I’ve canned 19 pint jars, and have some more to go… some peach pies in the works! Yum! So thankful for free and fresh fruit! Remember my apple fest last year?
And, introducing….a simplified version of my original Sofia Pattern released about a week ago. This one is specific to a size 2/3T, but it will also include additional pattern pieces that can be used to adapt the Sofia Debutant Dress (my first pattern) to this simplified version. The pattern will be finished up this next week and available very soon. My cloth diaper pattern is almost ready to debut too! Oh, so many good things happening around here! Oh, and I finally got our new baby’s quilt cut out…. time to stencil it and then put it together. 
So much family time, so much to cherish! So much to now do before our new, wonderful baby is coming in two months! Have a very blessed day! 


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