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This decade has been enjoyable as I have seen all of my sister’s and I turn 30 something each year. This year (next month), I will be turning 34, and can hardly believe it. Never really contemplated before what being 34 would exactly feel like. I guess I’ll find out it doesn’t really feel any different than 33. This past weekend we got to have a joyous birthday celebration for my sister, Amy. I think she had a wonderful, and very blessed day, and I’m very thankful for that! 
        (Amy, great picture you had taken of us, sisters, so I had to steal myself a copy. Just love it : )!)

         Such a blessing to have such great sisters! 
I really enjoy when Amy’s birthday comes every year. I try to make it a priority to make her something each year. She enjoys and favors home-made items, as I do, and so it’s extra fun to make things for her. she also has a way of asking for things that I’ve never made, but she definitely believes (somehow) that I can pull it off. I am happy to try, and rather enjoy the challenge. 
So, what did we make her? What did I bring to the party?
Well, several things she asked me to make off Pinterest. 
#1: Cloth Covered Bangles

Here is the original Pinterest Pin. The pin says to wind t-shirt strands around them, but all of my knit fabric stock were solid colors, which wouldn’t be too much fun. So, I cut strips of some of my favorite fabric scraps, ironed the strips inward on each side (like bias tape), wound them around each metal Bangle (a set of all 8 Bangles found for $4.80 at Forever21 store), and secured them at the end with Aileen’s Tacky glue. Voila. This one was fun, and they turned out so colorful, but somehow coordinated. 
#2: Leather Arm Bands
Original Pin here, originating on the Martha Stewart Craft website. These were probably the most fun to make. Something so different for me to try. Steven is really the leather master around here, as he designed and created by-hand, 11 complete sets of Biblical Roman Armor for The Holy Land Experience in 2008, (which they still use: Check this out!), and which looks like THIS close-up (scroll down). Yeah, I’m still amazed at him….and he is still a for-hire leather-man…hint, hint! 
But, after reading the website tutorial, Steven was happy to get out all of his leather products for me: leather scraps, dye, tools, rivets, snaps…and the whole works, in order to make these bracelets! I’m sooo thankful he had all the tools, dyes, and know-how because this craft took a lot of uncommon supplies. After some good instruction by Steven, I was excited to get to work. But, more on the steps of this shortly… 
Amy loved them, and I think Lilly did too, who was quick to steal them from Mommy! 
 While Amy didn’t ask for this, I had honestly been dying to make her and I one of these dresses from Rae’s original design since last year. Everyone raves at how comfortable this dress is, and so I bought the pattern. They were right, it is really comfortable, and an easy to wear for anyone. The dress even came together in just 3 hours (during nap time). 
The first type of fabric I purchased for the dress was a linen/rayon blend. I washed it twice, and the fabric was still very scratchy (so don’t buy this for a garment!!!!) . I re-bought a navy in 100% cotton at Hancock Fabrics, which was a lot more softer. I couldn’t find a good, local variety of Rae’s favorite fabric suggestions, so I went with cotton. There was only one problem with this dress: I neglected to take Amy’s measurements before I started, so the dress turned out not to be a good fit for her, as it was too big. (Sad face)… Looks like I’ll be keeping this one and making her a new, smaller one. I think it’s a dress I will re-make a lot of times. So versatile, comfortable, and easy to sew…..and it even has pockets!!!! Need I say more???
Amy, I hope you did enjoy your special day. Thank you for letting me make you things and for appreciating them too! You’re a blessing of a sister to have, and so glad we are so close! Love ya! 


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