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Lots happening in the garden lately, although I wish there was a little more. We are harvesting lots and lots of delicious salad mix, kale, and snap peas right now (and one green pepper), and are anxiously awaiting the corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. Let’s see how things are growing:

Just starting out in May:

And June‘s garden progress:

 And right now:

 And my porch garden is going the best, I believe, with an abundance of fresh Romaine, Basil and Cilantro waiting for some harvesting. Cucumbers are taking flower, and a few new seed flowers still trying to reach their intended height. All that green, and so much fresh food to eat. We are enjoying it quite well so far this summer, and so thankful for all that the Lord has given us! 
And some other things we’ve been doing lately to stay busy around here: 

~ some digging going on…in the front yard, and lots in the back. We need a new sandbox like this one, but am considering that one right now. And a toddler picnic table, still, I think? 
~ keeping a careful eye on the garden right now, watching some things come, and other things go, and trying to keep disease at a minimum with some natural home remedies like compost and baking soda water. Seems to be working so far. 
~An impromptu “Mommy and Me” clothesline. 
~A fresh coat of foundation-grade paint to make things look a whole lot better. Yes, much better. 
~Some flying lessons taking place inside and out…. Daddy has found some great new flying games to play with his little man, including a rubber band powered flyer, and the 1970’s version of U-Fly-It, that he had as a kid. Nathan loves it and the time I’ve seen spent between Daddy and son: priceless. 
~We are having some great summer days indeed. Hoping yours are nothing but the same.


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