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Last year, when Nathan was about 15 months old, I had a certain way I liked to dress him for bed time. My preference, with the windows open OR the air conditioning on, was usually in a t-shirt and pants combo. This year, with the delayed summer weather I hadn’t really planned on being prepared with similar summer pajamas for N (that fit). Suddenly, summer was here, and I found myself grabbing warm up pants and play shirts for him to sleep in. When I had a few nap times free last week, I made N 3 pairs of pajamas. 

 I know…they’re wrinkled. Just pay no attention to that. This Mama just doesn’t have the time to give care to any wrinkles. Like most mommy’s say: “It’ll all come out in the wash anyways.” And that’s so true. 
The best part about these jammies, is that 2 of them are all “upcycled”. The black and gray stripe one was a turtleneck that my Mom donated to my sewing pile a few years ago. 
The blue one was a new, men’s size Large shirt that I picked up at Rue 21 last year for  just $3. 
The green one was some extra length of knit fabric I had that was a Moby Baby Wrap I had made about two years ago.  
I used the sleeves from two of the shirts, and a little length of elastic, to create simple pants (similar to these).  Though I love my standby pattern of Rae’s for all of Nathan’s t-shirts, I drafted this pattern off a store bought tee he had, following Dana’s directions.  

And, I think N likes them all! I made them all a little extra big, so they’ll be sure to fit him next summer as well.  Yeah for new summer jammies, and yea for saving about $15-40 not buying them. Double yea! Now, if only I can find time to sew together that last pair that I cut out about two weeks ago. Ahem. Well, ya know. That’s sometimes how it really goes. 
Have a great week!


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